Let Defining Creations create a unique website for you as an artist or your band.

Use social media platforms to get your music, photos and schedule out to your fans, direct them to your website.
  • Digital Media Advertising Campaigns for music, events and sales.

  • Create Graphics for posts used on social media.

  • Traditional Marketing, blogs and podcasts.

  • Schedule podcast interviews.

  • Professional Photography.

  • EPK- Electronic Press Kits. A must for any artist.

  • Public Relations, press release and distribution.

Booking Events

  • Research venues, restaurants, corporate events, banquets, bars, restaurants and festivals within a radius that you set.

  • Create an email contact list to reach out to venues for hire.
  • Call venues, follow up.

  • Contact media for stories, spotlight and promote music and events.

  • Maintain your social media platforms, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, SoundCloud, ReverbNation and Spotify. Build a following
  • Set a budget for paid advertising, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, ReverbNation, SoundCloud.

  • Defining Creations will post based upon the algorithms of that social media platform.
  • Link your music on social media.

  • Monitor analytics and evaluate statistics, make recommendations.

  • Contact local band, music and entertainment to promote on their pages.

  • Negotiate contracts to venues based upon your guidelines.

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